About Us


Vincent Bozanic

Having been in the industry for over two decades, Vince represents the pinnacle of precise accounting, detailed analysis, and innovative financial strategy. He has provided his expertise to a variety of closely and publicly held businesses and specializes in tax preparation, business consulting, and accounting services. Vince works diligently to keep accurate books and records, which helps companies make knowledgeable and informed decisions for running their business. 

Early Days

In the early days of his career, post-graduation, Vince began working for a large firm in West LA. During his time with the firm, his skills and know-how were immediately acknowledged. He began working on advanced cases and traveling across the country to provide his services. All the while, Vince was developing a keen sense for identifying where companies err in both their accounting and processes. Beyond identification, Vince was able to offer valuable advice in addressing and eliminating the potential missteps of these companies. During this time, he and his wife also had their first child. 

Shortly after, Vince decided to branch out with a partner by creating a successful accounting firm of their own. As the company continued to grow Vince decided to try his hand again, and began a solo adventure with the creation of a second firm, Vince Bozanic-CPA.

Now, Vince enjoys solving complex business quandaries and making sure his customers feel secure and worry-free, knowing that he is backing them and their business. He and his wife, now have three sons—because of whom, Vince developed a passion for camping, fishing, and coaching his son’s basketball leagues. As his personal life continued to flourish, so too did his professional career.